Sole E25 (2013 Model)

Anyone seeking a challenging cardio workout on an elliptical will be interested in checking out the features and technology that the Sole E25 delivers. The Sole Fitness name is well known in the fitness machine niche especially for innovative design and technology that enriches the workout experience. Technology such as the quiet drive system that promotes a smooth, natural and fluid motion going forward and in reverse. The power incline gives a challenging workout at your fingertips and the advanced sensor systems allows for accurate monitoring and utilization of interactive heart rate programs.

Sole E25 (2013 Model)

The Pros: Monitoring is an important aspect of the workout for most users and the chest strap works well allowing for accurate monitoring of heart rate. There is a storage area in the face part of the display screen, which has a compartment for the water bottle, which actually one comes with the machine and we all know that you have to stay hydrated while exercising. This is a quiet, well-designed elliptical machine that is very stable.

The Cons: The instructions could be improved upon because when the product is put together correctly the cause for complaints diminishes. This is especially confusing when it comes to threading wires up to the console. Like most ellipticals the fan isnít great but most do not buy a fitness machine based on how well the fan works fortunately for Sole they make quality machines. The package when delivered is very heavy so be prepared to know where to assemble as you wonít want to carry this around.

The Bottom Line: Once past the delivery and installation stage users are happy with and most will say they recommend the Sole E25 because it is reliable, sturdy and well made. Performance and features are what one would want in a quality workout machine.

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