Nautilus E514c

The Nautilus E514c is especially suited for individuals looking for an effective cardiovascular impact for both lower and upper body workouts with specific functionality for users of all fitness levels. The features benefit users in many ways and give special attention to heel support and provides less stress on joints especially knees. As an elliptical there are many health benefits including the ability to experience an increase in lung capacity and heart capacity as well as workouts that will burn calories. It gives a natural workout that is designed to put less overall stress on your body while allowing you to achieve the fit body you desire.

Nautilus E514c

The Pros: Amazingly one of the first things you notice is that the instructions actually are easy to follow along with and make sense so that you can put this elliptical together successfully. Allow 2 hours of manual labor in order to achieve the task of putting this together and although the instructions state it is a two-man assembly job, it is possible for one person to tackle the job and get it done right.

The next thing you notice is that once assembled all the moving parts will move smoothly and quietly. As you use it for the first time you will notice that the console is easy to read and very bright. The Nautilus E514c performs well and the parts are all quality-made and sturdy.

The Cons: The built-in fan is weak. The manual leaves out the important details of how to use the control console so although it has lots of functions you will have to learn most of them by trial-and-error.

The Bottom Line: The Nautilus E514c is recommended based on function and performance as well as obvious quality parts that should last. It performs smoothly and quietly and that is the most important aspect of why we purchase and use fitness machines.

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