Sony HDR-AS15

The Sony HDR-AS15 is the mountable POV camera that loves action as much as you do. Take it anywhere while doing any sport or outside activity without fear of breaking it because it is a rugged and wearable full HD video camcorder that can go in the water and high up on a mountain even to where the gravity-defying action is taking place. There are so many features offered that it is well worth the look if you are in the market for an action video camera.

Sony HDR-AS15

The Pros: The design is very sleek and aero dynamic. The multiple recording options are a great feature. It was designed to be easy to mount onto just about anything and easy to hold in the palm of your hand. The built-in Wi-Fi also comes in handy.

All the accessories are a bonus that may be unexpected by most users. It's not necessary to use a cable when transferring to smart phone or computers and it syncs very nicely to other devices. It also has the ability to shoot regular video and receive high quality images and stereo sound in addition to using it as an action camera.

The Cons: This camera lacks manual control, which would make this a perfect camera.

The Bottom Line: The Sony HDR-AS15 is unmatched video quality, which is in part due to the Carl Zeiss lens and audio, and image stabilization, which make action shots possible, which makes this mounted POV camera highly recommended.

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