The POV MAC-10 is an ideal camera to explore when searching for an action camera that delivers crisp video playback (30 fps recording speed). It's comfortably goes with you while you are white water rafting, exploring underwater mysteries, skiing, or riding on your ATV. The rechargeable battery is ready to record up to 3 hours of video so you won’t miss important action and the size makes it very portable.


The Pros: The small size is a huge factor for purchasing this model because it fits anywhere, is portable and very lightweight so NOT a bulky camera for helmet mounting. Easy to install, just strap it on and push the start button. It also connects to Windows XP easily and is recognized by flash drive with no problem. Downloading videos is also an easy process. The picture quality is decent.

The Cons: As it is with most new electronic gadgets an instruction manual is invaluable and this one is very poorly written and therefore of little use. In order to mount this camera securely you will need to use your own handiwork because the straps that are supplied are very flimsy.

The Bottom Line: If size is a deciding factor than the POV MAC-10 is the recommendation for you but if you are in need of decent mounts and accessories than you may want to try another model. Video is of decent quality and that is basically what you purchase an action camera for anyways. The fact that it's waterproof and very durable is both very good benefits for this particular model.

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