Oregon Scientific ATC9K

The Oregon Scientific ATC9K is waterproof up to 20 meters without the need for an additional casing. This is a hands-free action camera that captures sharp color and amazing audio of all your outdoor activities no matter the weather. This high definition camera is easy to use both on land and in the water. In the box also includes mounting accessories, a carrying case and other necessary equipment and a remote.

Oregon Scientific ATC9K

The Pros: The menu is easy to understand with five buttons on the back that control everything including the on/off power button. The start/stop video button and for taking photos, which are large enough to be able to use while wearing gloves. Because there is no need for a case you avoid the hassle of having to take the camera in and out of the case just so the unit is water-resistant.

The Cons: Microphone quality is poor makes a click sound as the camera wobbles in the mounting socket and sounds also appear muffled if sound is picked up at all even if what is making the sound is only six feet away from the camera. The picture quality at night is poor (too dark) even in night mode.

The Bottom Line: The Oregon Scientific ATC9K does take good action shots but has poor microphone ability so if you are not buying it specifically for audio than this is recommended if you need to have a camera with good audio this is not the one to buy. It is the best camera to buy if you are looking for the best in features and the remote control gives the user a true hands-free operation.

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