Drift HD Ghost

Built especially for individuals that have a passion for recording action sports; the Drift HD Ghost is feature-rich and very intuitive. Known for how easy it is to use, navigate and setup, this is the camcorder users will want to take everywhere action is expected to be encountered. To date, this is the only action camera with a wearable on/off remote control, LEDs and a wrist strap for easy carrying. Like other similar models this one also comes Wi-Fi enabled to communicate effortlessly with smartphones.

Drift HD Ghost

The Pros: Settings are easy to change with the remote that allow you can easily change between video, picture, photo burst, and time-lapse modes. The HD Ghost delivers great video quality, great picture detail, color accuracy and contour which are all pretty important aspects for an action camera to achieve.

The two-way remote is much appreciated because you are less likely to miss any action shots. The remote is also very easy to use. The built in screen allows for aligning of the camera, which is essential. Compared to other similar units the battery life is remarkable.

The Cons: This camera does not include a waterproof case like other models do although it is rain-proof just as is without the case and to be able to submerge it in water you need to unscrew the back of the body and install the waterproof backing plate which is easy to do. This model lacks mounting hardware, which should be included.

The Bottom Line: The Drift HD Ghost is a highly recommended camcorder because of the features and easy to use and navigate menus. It takes great videos and pictures at various angles and the remote makes it easy to change modes.

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