Contour ROAM2

The Contour ROAM2 takes the best features of its predecessor and improves upon it in order to bring to the market a waterproof action camera with locking Instant On-Record ability, perfect video results and vibrant color selections to bring to life a camera that has it all to offer users. It has the reputation for being the easiest and most stylish camera by those who have experienced how easy it is to use and how eye pleasing it is with its new colors.

Contour ROAM2

The Pros: Sturdy, well-built camera that is reliable but not necessarily while mounted on the helmet. Amazingly simple to operate and there are endless mounting possibilities. This is a small and very streamlined camera, which is why it is easy to mount. Other noteworthy considerations are its compact size and the fact that it is waterproof without a case.

The Cons: The rechargeable battery isn't removable that make you must prepare more than one camera if you want longer use. It needs to have an indicator for which side is up so that mounting can be made easier without having to guess.

The Bottom Line: There are many things about the Contour ROAM2 that make it a camera worth recommending to family and friends especially the rotating lens, vibrant colors choices, great video results and wide selection of mounts. The size of the camera makes it ideal for mounting or holding while shooting.

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