SPT SU-2031

SPT SU-2031 performs well and comforts little ones with the really cute Polar Bear shape. Two great benefits to this humidifier is that it has ultrasonic technology which makes it very quiet while operating and has a fine atomization mist that can last from 8 to 10 hours. The instructions that come with the unit are easy to understand.

SPT SU-2031

It is easy to fill the reservoir with water. Itís very cute and especially suited for a childís bedroom. The mist does tend to shoot straight up and you are not able to direct the aim of the mist. It is easy to see where the water level is and because it automatically shuts off when out of water, there are no worries. The night-light is very comforting to a small child or anyone that needs a nightlight. There is overflow protection and an auto shut-off protection giving you peace of mind. This unit is perfect for those suffering from coughs or cold congestion or sinus problems.

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