Crane EE-5200

Crane EE-5200 is a warm and fine mist humidifier which create around 3.6 gallons moisture everyday. It has 1 gallon water tank which needs to refill every 8 hours. This unit suit for room space not over 250 sq ft and does not require any filters as well. It features very nice-looking blue LED dialing for operation as well as adjustments, when room is shady.

Crane EE-5200

It's easy-to-use and compact size with refillable tank, which fits very easily into the most sinks to quick cleaning and filling. Operating needs only some easy steps. Just remove water tank through unit, take off tank cap, as well as fill water tank underneath the water faucet. Its firmly replace tank cap, ensuring rubber cap seals with in place, as well as place water tank backside into the unit.

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