Crane Drop EE-5301

The Crane drop shape EE-5301 model is efficient and has a contemporary design that looks great in any room. The mist is calming and the unit runs quietly, which is a huge benefit when used in bedrooms at night. It can works up to 24 hours and produces up to 2.3 gallons of moisture per day that works effectively for area not over 250 square feet. It does not take up much space so it is perfect for nurseries or small bedrooms.

Crane Drop EE-5301

The unit is easy to operate especially after reading the instruction manual that comes with the unit. It cleans well with white vinegar or a bleach solution. It is important to use filtered or distilled water in the humidifier especially if you have hard tap water. The knob on the front easily adjusts the flow and the unit is very easy to fill with water. There is enough mist to fill even a large 16 x 16 feet room. Another great benefit is no need for filters, which reduces the cost of operating this cool mist humidifier over the ones that do have filters.

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