Remington EP6025

The moisturizing comfort technology of the Remington EP6025 sets it apart from other models. There are two speeds to choose from which allows perfect removing of both thin hair and coarse hair. The travel pouch and the facial epilator attachment add value to this unit and the precision head allows for getting hairs from hard to reach places. Women can expect smooth skin as a result of the 42-tweezer system that removes hair at the root for up to 6 weeks of silky hairless skin.

Remington EP6025

What we like: The unit spins really fast, faster than other brands, which is probably the reason there is less pain with it. Having a choice between two speeds is something not available with other brands and having choices is always a good thing. The smaller head comes in handy when it comes to pulling out the hairs in sensitive areas. This unit has an excellent battery life and it's also very easy to clean.

It is a nice plus to have protective caps for this epilator and having them shows what a quality product this is. Anyone who has ever pinched skin using other units will really appreciate the fact that with the EP6025 if you press the unit too firmly against the skin the unit stops rotating so no chance at all for skin pinching. The fact that you have the option to go cordless is wonderful but the unit really does work faster when plugged in so unless you are traveling somewhere without an outlet most prefer to epilate with the unit plugged into the wall.

What we don't like: This unit is very loud, no doubt about it. Remington could improve this unit by including a straight head because sometimes it is difficult to get into an area with a curved head.

The bottom line: The Remington EP6025 is highly recommended especially for women with light or sensitive skin. If you have shied away from epilating in the past due to the pain, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that this unit is not as painful to use as other brands.

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