Philips HP6576/50

The Philips HP6576/50 is designed to remove more hair in one stroke than traditional epilator units. It can safely be used on face as well as to remove body hairs and is easy to use with ergonomically designed and built-in opti-light. We state that it is both efficient and comfortable.

Philips HP6576/50

The Pros: Super bright LED that makes plucking hairs easy. The unit looks luxurious and resembles a lipstick tube. The HP6576/50 is powerful with two speeds, which gets the job done. The locking feature is convenient so it canít be accidentally turned on while in storage. The unit can be used while charging.

The Cons: Cannot be used in the shower, as it is not waterproof. The head release is located on the side of the unit, which can easily be pressed accidentally releasing the head while operating the unit.

The Bottom Line: The Philips HP6576/50 is recommended to anyone looking for a unit that will deliver a really smooth hair removal result fairly easily. It is painful so unless you are used to or have built up a tolerance for epilator-induced pain this unit is not for you. It is very powerful, and the design is very pleasing to the eye.

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