Epilady Legend 4

When you think of hair removal for women the one that comes to mind is the Epilady Legend 4 because even though it is the newest full-size rechargeable epilator, it is after all an Epilady and the earlier versions of this brand have been around for a long time but this newer version is much less painful than the earlier ones. If you hate shaving but still desire a really close, smooth, touchable skin and nothing beats using an epilator. This model can be used to safely remove hair from arms, bikini line, face (not around eyes), legs and underarms.

Epilady Legend 4

What we like: The Legend 4 is less expensive than waxing and less painful. This model is easy to use and economical over other hair removal systems. Great for traveling because it is so light and it is rechargeable. Works well on all body areas especially underarms, which can be a problem area for others.

What we donít like: First time epilating, it will hurt for the first few sessions but after that expect to experience smoother skin than possible with shaving and the smoothness last much longer. It is definitely worth the initial pain. Charging does take about 8 hours, which is a long time if you are traveling or not around an outlet the ability to go cordless is a wonderful feature.

The bottom line: The Epilady Legend 4 is highly recommended for those looking for a less painful option over other brands of epilators. You have the choice to use the cord or go cordless which makes many people happy. It performs well and is capable of removing hair from all body areas. It's definitely recommended for those looking for a full-size epilator or does a lot of traveling because of the dual voltage adaptor.

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