Braun Silk-epil 7681

Whether you enjoy epilating in warm water or prefer dry the Braun 7681 is designed to minimize discomfort and irritation during the process. First-time users will experience less discomfort during the first sessions because of the active massage rollers that leave skin more relaxed. It has close-grip 40 tweezers that insures the best performance possible removing even the finest and shortest hairs.

Braun Silk-epil 7681

What we like: Much easier to maneuver the head of the epilator and it is ergonomically designed so it is easy to hold. Save time epilating because this unit is really fast. The massage head keeps the tweezers farther from your skin decreasing discomfort without decreasing the effectiveness of the hair removal. The charger works great and in less than an hour. The unit is also easy to clean (soap and running water).

Can be used on facial hair and a lot easier to do than plucking hairs with a tweezer. It is good to know that you donít actually need to have the epilator touch you skin in order for it to work, holding it above the skin so it can grab the hairs. Hair seems to take longer to re-appear and when it does, it tends to be lighter in color and less course than before. Comes with an entirely separate shaving head so you can shave and epilate!

What we donít like: Especially for first timers, this unit is probably more painful than other models because of how fast it pulls the hairs.

The bottom line: The Silk-epil 7681 like all Braun models are top quality and is recommended to anyone desiring to wet or dry epilate any body part. There are many nice features, it is light and easy to hold and the fact that you can clean it with running water is a big plus.

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