Philips Sonicare HX6932/10

It is a complete dental care system that will allow you to effectively clean your teeth just like the dentist does. It has been proven to remove more plaque than regular toothbrushes which will reduce your chances of developing gingivitis and leave you with cleaner, whiter, and healthier looking teeth. It has many great features including a built in UV sanitizer that will ensure that all dangerous bacteria is destroyed.

Philips Sonicare HX6932/10

Sonic Technology Provides Superior Cleaning
One feature that makes this toothbrush so effective is that fact that it uses sonic technology to effectively clean your teeth. It utilizes a ProResults brush head the moves at 31,000 movements per minute to create a dynamic cleaning action. This allows the brush to be gentle to your teeth and gums while providing you with a much healthier and cleaner mouth overall. You can even safely use this toothbrush to brush your teeth even if you have braces, periodontal pockets, and dental restorations.

3 Separate Cleaning Modes and 2 Routines
When it comes to using the Sonicare HX6932, you will be able to choose from between 3 different cleaning modes and 2 routines. The cleaning modes include “Clean” mode, “Massage” mode, and “Sensitive” mode. Clean mode will give you the ability to give yourself an overall deep cleaning while massage mode will allow you to improve the overall health of your gums. And for those of you who have sensitive teeth and gums, sensitive mode will provide you with the cleaning and comfort that you need. The two routines consist of MaxCare mode which will allow you to thoroughly clean your mouth, and the GoCare routine which will allow you to get a quick 1 minute cleaning.

UV Brush Head Sanitizer
One of the most unique features of the Philips HX6932 is it’s all in one sanitizing, charging, and storage unit. Its charger comes with an ultraviolet sanitizer that can form on the brush head while charging. Once you are done brushing your teeth, you just simply put the brush head in the sanitizer and press a simple button.

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