Philips Norelco AT830

It totally changes the game when it comes to being able to provide you with a super close shave just like a traditional wet razor can. This is because it actually allows you to perform a wet shave while using it. It is this unique feature along with many others that make the Philips AT830 the ideal shaving solution for men who desire to experience the closeness and softness of a wet shave, but donít want to do any damage to their skin in the process.

Philips Norelco AT830

Unique Aquatec Seal
As I just mentioned, this unique electric shaver has the ability to perform wet and dry shaves due to a special Aquatec shield. Traditional razors have always been able to provide men with a much closer shave than electric shavers, but thanks to the Aquatec technology, the Philips AT830 has leveled the playing field. Now you can use your favorite shaving cream or gel with this shaver and simply wash the shaver off when you are done, it will give you a super clean and close shave just like your old razor does without scraping or irritating your skin.

Built in Pop-up Trimmer
Trimming your mustaches, sideburns, beard, or any other unwanted hair can be done with a breeze thanks to the built in pop-up trimmer that comes with this razor. With just the push of a button, this neat little trimmer will go into action, and when you are done, you just push it back down to hide it again.

Completely Waterproof
Cleaning the Philips AT830 is easy as pie because the entire unit can be held under the faucet to clean it. The shaver heads and body is fully washable so you can just run water over it until all of the hairs are washed out of it, then just dry it off and plug it back up to recharge. It also comes with a cleaning brush for situation where you may need to do a more detailed cleaning.

50 Minutes of Shave Time
Charging this shaver for 8 hours will provide you with up to 50 minutes of shave time and for those situations where you have forgotten to recharge the shaver, it has been equipped with a 3 minute quick charge feature that will provide you with enough power for one cordless shave with just 3 minutes of charge time. It also comes with a power cord for corded operation.

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