Panasonic ES2207P

Panasonic ES2207P is a great solution for the woman who is looking for a great electric rechargeable wet/dry shaver that can be safely used in the shower or tub. It has a comfortable ergonomic design and can be fully submerged in water without damaging it. It also utilizes a triple blade cutting system and hypoallergenic foil that will give you an ultra smooth shave while preventing your skin from getting scratched or irritated.

Panasonic ES2207P

Independent Floating Heads & Hyper Allergenic Foil
One major factor that will determine just how close a shave that you can get with your electric razor is its ability to effectively follow the curves of your body especially on your legs and underarms. The ES2207P accomplishes this by utilizing independent floating heads that are able to hug the curves of your body as they easily glide over it. The floating heads are covered by a hypoallergenic nickel free foil that aids in this process and will prevent you from giving yourself any unattractive nicks and scrapes on your skin.

Precision Triple Blade Shaving Technology
Besides utilizing the floating heads to ensure that you get a close shave, it uses a three blade cutting system. When it comes to shaving your skin especially on your legs, you want to be able to get as close a shave as possible and the triple blade cutting system will allow you to do just that. And when dealing with areas that have longer hairs such as under your arms, the Panasonic ES2207P has a dual pop up trimmer that you can use to easily trim down those hairs with ease.

Wet or Dry Performance
One of the biggest advantages of using this particular shaver is that you can use it for either a wet or dry shave. This means that you can still use your favorite lather in the shower or bath and itís even fully immersible in water for easy cleaning. If you donít care to use lather, you can just use it the old fashioned way and give yourself a nice smooth and dry shave.

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