Braun cruZer 6

It is essentially an all in one shaver, trimmer, and styler all rolled up into one and will provide you with everything that you need to give yourself the perfect shave and perfect look. It may remind you of something that you would see in a space age movie. Its unique body design allows it to incorporate many cool features including a twistable trimmer.

Braun cruZer 6

Extra Wide Shaver Head
Ultimately you need a shaver that is going to provide you with very close shave very quickly. It utilizes an extra wide shaving head that will allow you to shave a much larger area of your face at one time. This will allow you to save plenty of time when shaving especially on those days when you may be in a real hurry.

SmartFoil Technology
One fact that many men donít know, is that when it comes to getting a close shave, one of the most important features on an electric razor is a foil system. The foil system is responsible for capturing the hairs on your face and directing them into the cutting blades. The Braun Cruzer 6 is able to effectively do this by using a SmartFoil Technology which is able to effectively capture all of your facial hairs no matter what direction that they are growing in and guide them down into the cutting system. This will leave you with a very close shave and very smooth skin.

Touch Sensitive System
To ensure that you donít end up applying to much pressure to your face which can lead to unwanted scrapes and skin irritations, the Braun Cruzer 6 has a built in touch sensitive system that will automatically make adjustments to the razor depending on how much pressure you are applying to your face.

Precision Trimming Capabilities
If you happen to have a mustache, goatee, or side burns that you like to keep trimmed to perfection, the Cruzer 6 has everything that you need. It has a detachable 3 day beard trimming comb that will provide you with a variety of settings, including a precision click and lock system that will allow you to easily change settings without having to remove the comb. It also comes with a twistable trimmer that will allow you to give yourself a highly detailed shave of your facial hair as well. It is able to create well defined lines and precise curves.

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