Braun Series 7 790cc-4

It loaded with many advanced features that will take your shaving experience to a whole new level such as its three personalization modes or OptiFoil technology. If you are looking for a high end shaving solution that will literally give you baby face smooth skin, then this is going to be the right shaver for you. This is one electric shaver that will eventually find its way into the home of every man.

Braun Series 7 790cc-4

Even Flat Laying Hairs Canít Escape
Some electric razors can cut longer hairs really well, but when it comes to real stubby hairs or even hairs that lie flat on your face, they tend to struggle to remove them. Thanks to Braunís patented ActiveLift cutting system, the Braun 790cc can capture every strand of hair no matter how short or how flat it is lying on your face. This is especially critical in the neck area where hairs tend to grow up or down instead of outward.

It also utilizes Braunís Intelligent Pulsonic Technology and OptiFoil Shaving Head which can capture more hairs during every stroke. It has a pivoting head with floating foils that glide effortlessly across your skin. This motor also has the ability to adapt to the density of your beard and this will enable you to experience a much more comfortable and thorough shave.

Personalize Your Shaving Experience
A majority of razors only run at one speed so they may be rougher on one area of your face and not others. The Braun 790cc gives you the ability to adjust the overall motor speed of the razor by choosing from between three different shaving modes. These shaving modes include Normal, Extra Sensitive, and Intensive mode. No matter how sensitive your facial skin may be, you will be able to pick the setting that is right for you.

Done For You Leaning Process
While other razors force you to manually clean them by running them under water or emptying hair catchers, the Braun 790cc utilizes a Clean & Renew system that automatically does all of the cleaning for you. Once you are done using it, you simply place it back into its base and push the cleaning button. The Clean & Renew system will then take over and clean, charge, and lubricate your shaver while you do other things. It uses a unique alcohol based cleaning solution that provides for hygienic cleaning. It also uses an active heat inductive drying process to ensure that the shaver is dry and ready to go the next time that you are.

Value For The Money
The Braun Series 7 790cc-4 electric razor is a high end solution that will allow you to give yourself an ultra close shave while being able to take advantage of many different comfort and convenience features. Not only will its advanced cutting technology capture much more hair than a traditional electric shaver and its auto cleaning system will allow you to no longer have to deal with cleaning the shaver yourself.

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