Braun Series 3 340s-4

It has a much better design than the previous version of this shaver including improvements to the cutter foil cartridge and the trimmer. It has a great body design with a built in rubber liner that makes it very easy to hold even if your hands are wet, and when it comes to providing you with a super close shave, Braun Series 3 340S-4 utilizes the blade technology that will allow you to do just that.

Braun Series 3 340s-4

Adaptive Cutting System
When it comes to the giving you the close shave like the ones that you see on TV, the 340S-4 utilizes a variety of different technologies that will ensure that you will get as close a shave as possible. This technology consists of the Triple Action Free Float System, Smartfoil technology, and 3 stage cutting system. These unique technologies allow it to capture a greater amount of hair no matter what direction it is growing in and shave them down using a 3 stage process.

The floating heads used in this razor also have the ability to automatically adapt to the contours of your face allowing it to give you an extremely close shave on every part of your face, even on the neck area. This system has also been designed to decrease the risk of skin irritation by 30% over rotary shave systems that have built in skin conditioners.

Wet or Dry Operation
For those of you who enjoy lathering up with your favorite shaving gel or cream, you can use it in wet shave mode. It has a fully sealed body that is 100% waterproof and allows it to get wet without malfunctioning, and when it comes time to cleaning it, you can easily hold it under the faucet for easy cleaning. Whether you are using this electric razor in the shower or in your office, you will be able to easily give yourself the type of shave that you desire.

Precision Long Hair Trimmer
Once you finish giving yourself that handsome shave, you may have a mustache, sideburns, or goatee that you want to touch up and trim. The precision long hair trimmer will allow you to do just that. You will be able to give yourself a detailed trim that will make you look like you deserve to be on the cover of GQ magazine.

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