DeLonghi DD50P

The DeLonghi DD50P has a patented pump that makes all the difference when it comes to efficiency and saving money and time. This dehumidifier is very user-friendly and has easy maintenance thanks to the unique pump. This model features carefree operation, easy to read LCD and a visible water level.

DeLonghi DD50P

The Pros: Air movement is very efficient thanks to a high power blower motor. Programmable humidity level, which is easy to set regardless of how humid the room, starts out. It has 3 options for collecting and disposing of water which is one more option than other models. The automatic defrost feature kicks in when the temperature is below 59F. This unit is very easy to setup and use for the first time.

The Cons: Many users have noticed that when the collection bucket is being dumped, excess water from the condenser can be deposited on the floor. The fan is noisy which can be distracting if it is in a room in which this can disturb people from enjoying quiet activities like reading or sleeping.

The Bottom Line: The DeLonghi DD50P is recommended for those desiring a model with a pump that works really well. It is really easy to program and use. The only drawback is the noisy fan and this issue seems to be a common one for all dehumidifiers. This is a very user-friendly that is sturdily made and has a longer than normal hose.

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