Venturer KLR19132

If you are looking for a good kitchen cabinet TV not only has a large screen but also has internet capabilities, then the Venturer KLR19132 is a great option for you. Not only does this TV have a beautiful 15.6 inch 60 Hz LCD screen, but it even has built in Wi-Fi capabilities which will allow you to increase your entertainment options. Whether you want to watch your favorite cooking show, or catch up on the latest reality TV, this TV will be able to provide you with exactly what you need.

Venturer KLR19132

Beautiful 15.6 Inch LCD Screen With ATSC/NTSC Tuner
While most under cabinet TVís have small 7Ē inch screens, the KLR19132 sports a beautiful 15.6 inch colorful LCD display. You wonít have to worry about straining your eyes to see the screen if you happen to walk too far away from this TV. When it comes to accessing your favorite TV channels, this TV has a built in ATSC/NTSC digital tuner that will allow you to pick up your local digital channels with ease.

Built in Wi-Fi Capabilities
One of the biggest benefits of owning this under cabinet TV is itís built in Wi-Fi feature. Not only will you be able to enjoy many of your favorite streaming movie platforms such as Netflix, Vudu, and Huluplus, but you will also be able to watch videos on online platforms like YouTube as well. If you love listening to music while you cook your favorite meals, you will also be able to listen to streaming music from online platforms like Pandora, or you can use the built in AM/FM radio as well.

Multiple Timer Features
This model also has many great features when it comes to helping you to manage time including a built in clock with alarm and a kitchen timer as well. These features come in handy especially if you need to monitor how long your favorite dish is cooking.

The Venturer KLR19132 under cabinet TV is a great solution to have in your kitchen if you are looking for a kitchen television that you can use to primarily watch movies. It has a large 15.6í inch screen and built in Wi-Fi that will allow you to have access to many different movie on demand platforms.

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