Philips AJ6111/37

The Philips AJ6111/37 will allow you to bring the wonderful sounds of your favorite song right into your kitchen. This nifty little kitchen radio has a space saving design and measures 12.3 x 13 x 2.7 inches in size and weights in at about 6.2 pounds. It has a contemporary looking design with a motorized front loading CD player and 2 front mount speakers. It also has large easy to identify buttons including 5 one touch buttons that you can use to access your favorite radio tunes.

Philips AJ6111/37

Auto Digital Tuning Radio
When it comes to listening to your favorite radio station, the AJ6111/37 features a AM/FM radio that will give you the ability to store up to 25 preset radio stations. The digital tuner has the ability to automatically tune to the nearest working station so wonít have to worry about spending your time manually searching for channels.

Versatile CD Player
One feature that makes it such a great CD player for your kitchen is because it has the ability to not only play standard CDís, but it can also play CD-R and CD-RW CDís as well. It also will allow you to program up to 20 tracks, and it has several different playing modes including fast forward/backward, next/previous track search, repeat play, and shuffle play as well.

Exceptional Speaker System
If youíre under cabinet radio CD player does cannot provide you with exceptional sound quality, you will not be able to truly enjoy the sound of your music. Because of it has equipped with a dynamic boost bass feature that will enhance the sound of the bass even at very low volumes. Another great benefit of this feature is that you can also turn it on or off whenever you choose.

The Philips AJ6111/37 under cabinet radio will allow you to enjoy the high quality sound of a high end piece of audio equipment right from the comfort of your own kitchen. It has an adjustable bass boost feature and can even play CD-Recordable and CD-Rewritable discs as well. And for convenient operation, it even comes with a remote control that has a built in magnet so that you can easily store it on your refrigerator or any other appliance.

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