The GPX KC232S is a terrific option if you are looking for a portable kitchen CD player and AM/FM radio that you can easily mount underneath your kitchen cabinet. GPX has built a great reputation when it comes to producing quality electronics and the KC232S is just another quality piece of equipment that they can add to their repertoire. Not only does it produce great sound quality, but its overall cosmetic design will make it look great in your kitchen as well.


Slim Design
When it comes to overall size, this under cabinet radio is very slim and will fit nicely underneath your cabinet. It measures 11.4 x 11.8 x 7.3 inches in size and only weights about 3.7 pounds. Mounting it to the cabinet is very easy thanks to the included mounting kit. It comes with 4 spacers, a drill template, and 4 screws that can easily be inserted with a screwdriver or drill.

Cosmetically, it has a silver gray color with a front loading CD player and a negative LCD display with a backlight. You will be able to use the display to see your clock, radio stations, CD tracks, and it even displays a timer that you can use for cooking.

Built in CP Player and AM/FM Radio
When it comes to listening to your favorite songs with the GPX KC232S, you have multiple options. It has a flip down mp3 holder that will allow you to connect your mp3 player or any other music device by connecting it to the 3.5mm audio input. You can also play your favorite CDís on the built in CD player. One cool feature that you will find on the CD player is that you can program what order you want the CD tracks to play in. You can also take advantage of the random feature as well.

The CD player also has a forward, back, stop, play, and pause button that you can use to control your music. Finally, you can always listen to your favorite radio talk show host or favorite radio station by using the built in AM/FM radio as well.

GPX has also included a simple to use remote control that will allow you to control all of the features of the KC232S with ease. It comes with a preinstalled CR2025 battery so you will be able to use it right out of the box.

Whether you are looking for a simple entertainment device that you can use to keep things exciting in the kitchen or any other work area where you may have cabinets, the GPX KC232S gives you the flexibility to listen to any type of music using just about any type of source that you may want to use.

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