Wusthof Precision Edge 2922-7

The Wusthof Precision Edge 2922-7 allows for easy, safe strokes thanks to its V-shaped cutting head that has two crossed carbide blades and the easy grip handle. The sharpener has a ceramic side and a carbide side to insure the best performance and results are possible for every knife you sharpen. Perfect for those seeking a solid performer that is stable and durable. Knives come out razor sharp, which is the result, expected from a precision sharpener.

Wusthof Precision Edge 2922-7

What we like: Honing sticks eventually stop working so there comes a need for either a professional that will cost you an arm and a leg or the alternative of using a system such as the Wusthof 2922-7 that will give you the same professional result at home without the high fee so it is economical. Unlike other knife sharpeners you do not need any special skill or technique, just pass the knife through and examine the results.

The 2922-7 gives a sharp result and is easy to use. The grip handle is very much appreciated and helps women to feel confident using the system. Unit fits easily into the kitchen drawer, which is a big plus for most who prefer such tools to be out of sight when not in use.

What we donít like: The angle achieved in the sharpening slot is not a full 90 degrees, which is not necessary, just a preference for some individuals. Many have experienced the need to re-sharpen frequently so unlike some other brands the sharpening result is not long-term. Probably not the system for commercial use but works fine for home use.

The bottom line: The Wusthoof Precision Edge 2 Stage is the recommended system for anyone looking for an easy to use, comfortable fit knife sharpener that needs no skill to operate and gives a razor sharp result. It is also recommended for those looking for a unit that will easily store in a kitchen drawer.

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