Presto EverSharp 08800

The Presto EverSharp 08800 has a two-stage system capable of delivering razor sharp knives easily and automatically. Rapidly rotating Sapphirite grinding wheels and blade guides makes this knife sharpener the ideal sharpening machine suitable for anyone desiring the same top quality knife sharpening results achieved by professional shops, at home.

Presto EverSharp 08800

What we like: This machine can save quite a lot of money if you would otherwise use a professional sharpening shop to sharpen knives. The Presto 08800 is perfectly safe to use on quality cutlery. It has a very quiet hum, which is a blessing in a household with young children whom are often easily scared of loud machinery. Does not take up much space so no worries about storage.

It also comes with a manual that is very specific and answers all your questions. It can even help you to avoid problems such as when people have a tendency to press too hard and may notice the motor stalling. The manual clearly states that all that is needed is to “let the weight of the knife do all the pressing” as you draw it gently across the cutting surface.

What we don’t like: The machine leaves a slight burr during the honing process so if this is not desired it is better to steel knives by hand. It is a must to read all directions before sharpening knives for the first time and you must have a steady hand in order to get desired results.

The bottom line: The Presto 08800 EverSharp electric knife sharpener performs so well that it is highly recommended by professionals and retired chefs. It is an inexpensive answer to sharpening everyday knives and your finer cutlery until they are super sharp. This sharpener is durable, high quality machinery that will last for years.

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