Kyocera DS-50

The Kyocera DS-50 offers the best of a ceramic knife sharpener with the performance of a diamond grinding stone and is perfect for left-handed or right-handed use. It features easy to clean benefits and user-friendly controlled sharpening capabilities.

Kyocera DS-50

What we like: Sharpens ceramic knives better than most other brands and can even grind out small nicks if the user follows the manual directions carefully. Creates a near- factory like sharpening result at home without having to mail away your knives and doing it at home will save lots of money.

Most ceramic knife owners face the choice of sending the knife back to the factory for sharpening or tossing it when it is no longer useable in which either option means being without a knife that you have become used to using. The DS-50 allows you to have pride in your ability to sharpen your own knives in the comfort of your home.

What we don't like: The ability to sharpen knives that have a continuous edge from tip to tang will be hampered by the design of the machine, which makes it difficult to sharpen the entire knife. May have to experiment with different brands of batteries before finding ones that have the power to run this machine.

The bottom line: Anyone looking for an alternative to shipping your knives out of country to be sharpened will really enjoy using this perfect alternative. The Kyocera Ceramic Knife Sharpener is recommended for anyone that needs to sharpen ceramic kitchen knives and especially those knives that have small chips in them…they can be made usable again with the help of this battery-operated machine. Check your drawers for old knives that you hated to throw away and bring them back to a usable state.

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