AccuSharp 015C

This is a money-time saving because it is three sharpening tools in one pack. The AccuSharp 015C comes with 3 sharpeners in a pack with kitchen knife, garden tool and scissor sharpener so that users can sharpen tools for the home, garage, yard and workshop all using the same tool. The Diamond-honed Tungsten Carbide is industrial-quality assuring the user of function and performance as well as durability. AccuSharp tools are known for not rusting which is an added benefit.

AccuSharp 015C

What we like: No matter what type or brand of knife this tool will sharpen it: Cold Steel, Gerber, Forschner, Sheffield, SOG folding knives, Spyderco or Wusthoff. When used in conjunction with a ceramic rod or butcher's steel this tool should keep your knives in great shape for years. It even works well on serrated knives.

When using the multi-pack there is some overlap regarding function, for example the Scissors sharpener can be used to sharpen hedge clippers and scissors. The Garden sharpener can also sharpen hedge clippers. The knife sharpener has a V shape that fits over the knife blades and the scissors sharpener has a single flat surface with a horizontal sharpener where you rest the bevel of the scissors edge to draw the scissors across it. The garden sharpener also has a V shape to it but with a wider notch and a more prominent side that goes against the beveled edge of the tool blade. These differences make the different tools very effective.

There is a reversible sharpener (disassemble and reverse the sharpener) for extended life of the tool. Protective handle gives added safety assurance when using the tools. Another important plus is that these are made in the USA.

What we don't like: These work so well and are very durable with many individuals stating they have used them without fault for more than ten years so it is difficult to come up with any cons.

The bottom line: The AccuSharp 015C is highly recommended because of being effective, easy to use and the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty. The tools are easy to use and they are made in the USA, what more could you ask for?

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