This SPT SR-964TS model has touch-sensitive LED panel with a control lock and dual functions for warming and cooking food. It also has an automatic pan detection and timer that work up to 8 hours. There are 7 power settings and 13 keep warm settings for versatile cooking temperature options. Words to describe this cooktop are accurate, fast and responsive.


What we like: Energy-efficient which is important because our resources need to be conserved. The cooktop has easily controlled temperature settings and heats up quickly as compared to standard stoves. At 1300 watts it is plenty powerful for induction cooking and gives fast results in a world where the pace is hurried and making a meal quickly is beneficial. When comparing it to similar models the price is very reasonable.

What we don’t like: Must use special induction-ready cookware when cooking with this cooktop burner. There have been a few complaints about the “lock” feature and most say there really is no practical use for it and having to hit the button to change the temperature is annoying.

The bottom line: The SPT SR-964TS is not recommended for anyone not willing to purchase special cookware but is recommended for those eager and willing to change to induction cooking with a unit that works great, cooks food fast and is reasonably priced especially for a induction cooktop. It has enough power, is easy cleanup and has the temperature control that any good cook requires. It may not have the stylish look that some of the higher priced models have but it performs just as well which is what is important after all.

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