NuWave PIC-1300

Cooks interested in being energy-efficient (uses up to 70% less energy) at the same time as having the ability to cook healthy, great tasting food are checking out NuWave PIC-1300 cooktop because the 1300 watts induction coils generate heat in the steel cookware and not on the cooktop surface and prevents toxins releasing into the environment which can happen with other more traditional stove methods. Designed to be used indoors or outside making it the go-to burner for all occasions.

NuWave PIC-1300

What we like: The top positive aspect about using the PIC-1300 is that it is induction cooktop, which is a very safe, cooking method because it lessens the chance of fires occurring or of receiving a burn because there are no gas flames and the stove top does not get hot as in other traditional stove burners.

The second most popular reason why this is a favorite is the energy efficiency factor built into this unit. This is so important in a world where utility costs are rocketing out of control. The control buttons are in front which is convenient and the unit can be placed anywhere near an electrical outlet such as on the kitchen counter or on a table making it the suitable height for most individuals to cook in comfort.

What we don't like: You might have to purchase proper cookware to use with this unit, which can be an added expense.

The bottom line: The NuWave PIC-1300 is perfect for any cook to use but is especially thoughtful for use in kitchens if the cook is elderly or special needs because of the safety features. The 52 temperature levels make it fun to cook and the programmable buttons give real control and power to the home chef. This cooktop is recommended because of performance, durability, programmability and safety.

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