Nesco PIC-14

There are many things to love about the Nesco PIC-14 including the 5 touch controls that allow you to melt chocolates, warm food, simmer soup, boil, fry or sear meat. Perfect for RV cooking and camping or for outdoor patio entertaining, this unit is very handy to have around. It heats up rapidly and is almost noiseless (the fan makes a little noise). Made from durable ceramic glass it is long-lasting and good looking. Many really like that it is energy efficient especially with the high price of gas being a concern for those with gas stoves.

Nesco PIC-14

What we like: Compared to other models this is very quiet. It is lightweight so it is easy to carry it around. As is the case with most induction cooktops the PIC-14 heats up quickly. The buttons that control the heat levels are easy to push. Induction cooking saves energy over other cooking methods such as gas stoves, which is a big benefit for those individuals who are energy conscientious and saves money. When using different temperatures the temperature adjusts quickly.

What we don't like: Being limited to only 5 cooking levels means that it is difficult to select a temperature setting when one setting is not hot enough and the next level up is too hot. Units that have 10 levels are easier to adjust to the correct temperature.

The bottom line: The Nesco PIC-14 is most recommended for those who love to barbecue outdoors and need an extra burner for side dishes and for people who need to cook in a RV or when camping and can even be used in places where a hot plate is not allowed such as dorms and senior living units. This unit is safe to operate, is very durable and heats up fast.

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