Fagor 2PC Induction Set

The Fagor 2PC induction set is a must have for those interested in tabletop cooking or when an extra cooking unit is needed. This is the perfect portable cooktop for use in college dorms, on a boat or when traveling in a recreational vehicle (RV). Anyone in need of fast cooking will also enjoy this unit because it cooks 50% faster than traditional electric or gas stoves.

Fagor 2PC Induction Set

What we like: This portable lightweight unit is perfect for camping and can be used anywhere there is an electrical outlet. This unit is well-designed, easy to use controls and the perfect size for small spaces. The noise level is acceptable. The non-stick frying pan has a magnetic heat disk that is bonded to the bottom and is well built and very attractive looking. The unit is compact and easy to store.

What we don't like: It is a glass surface so you need to be careful not to scratch it up.

The bottom line: The Fagor 2-piece induction set is recommended for anyone in need of an extra burner and is especially suited for small living spaces like dorms or to have an extra burner for camping. Induction burners are safer than gas or electric cooking and heats up faster to save cooks time in the kitchen. This unit uses 90% of the energy it produces for those interested in saving energy. The frying pan is the perfect shape and depth for sautéing and frying. This unit gives anyone the ability to cook wherever there is an electrical outlet.

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