Duxtop 8300ST

The DuxTop 8300ST looks elegant on your countertop, table or by the sink. It can be used with any standard 120-volt household outlet so it can be used most anywhere inside your home. You can adjust power level by touch panel from 200 to 1800 Watts. It make you cook faster than traditional methods and cleanup is also easier and quicker.

Duxtop 8300ST

What we like: This induction cooktop has a standard 2-prong plug, power button and a fan that comes on when the unit is in operation. The heat can be adjusted by temperature setting so the cook has total control over the amount of heat coming to the cookware. The 8300ST is great for having an extra burner when cooking outdoors. One of the best benefits is that it cooks so much faster than standard stove burners especially for boiling water, which is a real time saver.

What we dont like: Does not have a manual on-off switch and if cookware is left on the burner it may burn food. To remedy this situation the instruction manual states that when not in use the unit should be unplugged. Some people and even dogs may not like the chirping that occurs when a pan is lifted off the burner or when powering on or when making adjustments to settings; maybe in the future the company will give the option of turning off the chirping sound.

The bottom line: The DuxTop 8300ST is recommended for cooks looking to use an extra burner inside or out. It comes in handy when time is short and you need to have a burner that heats food up fast. As long as the unit is unplugged when not in use it is a safe cooktop to use.

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