Duxtop 8100MC

Outdoor parties are more organized when Duxtop 8100MC handles the food. It's also important to individuals in need of extra cooking space in the busy kitchen because it give an extra cooking surface, are lightweight and compact making them easy to store and move. There are many features that stand out on this cookstove as worthy of checking out for your next time the extended family gathers or you host your next entertainment event.

Duxtop 8100MC

What we like: Heats faster than a gas stove, which is great for stir-fry. Unlike a stationary stove this portable induction cooktop burner can be moved to any place an outlet exists so that you can place it where you get the best lighting or where the sink is so you are close to a water supply. Induction means that you can boil water faster and bring heat to your other dishes in less time than gas or coil-method electric stoves so food is prepared faster, saving you time.

What we dont like: Not compatible with non-stick cookware because of the amount of heat it puts out, so be careful or use steel cookware. Too easy to burn foods such as eggs because of how hot the burner will get fast unless you move the pan around while the food is cooking so one spot does not get too hot.

The bottom line: The Duxtop 8100MC is recommended for situations where you need a portable electric burner, you are cooking for a large group and need an extra burner or when you just like the convenience of faster cook times. Having this extra burner can really come in handy during the holidays or when you are cooking for events such as anniversaries or weddings.

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