BergHOFF Studio 1810027

The BergHOFF Studio 1810027 is perfect for those living in small spaces because it takes up so little space that it works well for those living in dorms or for taking along on camping trips. The control panel makes it easy to regulate power and temperature and the black synthetic finish looks really nice. Users are assured of safety because this unit has multiple protections built in that guard against overheating/over currents/over voltage input and the unit shuts off if it detects that there is no cookware on the unit.

BergHOFF Studio 1810027

What we like: Heats up the cookware and not the stove or your kitchen. The stove only works when it detects induction cookware so it is very safe you can't burn yourself and you cannot cause a fire because it automatically shuts itself off when you take the pan off the stove. This is a very nice looking unit.

The construction quality is obvious and the unit is built to last. Cooking on this BergHOFF unit means not having to wait because it heats up fast and also heats evenly so no hot spots. Perfect for warm weather because induction cooking does not heat up the kitchen like gas cooking stoves can do.

What we don't like: Won't work with aluminum or other non-metal pans, which means you have to buy new cookware if you dont already own stainless-steel pans or induction cookware.

The bottom line: The BergHOFF Studio induction cooktop is a recommended cooking unit for anyone looking to try induction heating, lives in a small apartment or dorm or those who love to travel and cook on the go or wants a burner with them while camping. This is a very safe way to cook. The unit is easy to clean, and does not take up much space. The touch screen is easy to use and makes cooking enjoyable.

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