GreenWorks 26022

GreenWorks 26022 is a very ideal lightweight and compact snow blower that has been specially designed for efficiently and quickly handling moderately snow fall. Its competitive price tag is also perfect for those who are on a tight budget but are looking for a great tool that they can use to clear snow off their properties.

GreenWorks 26022

The 26022 is a specially designed electric snow blower that is designed to handle moderate cases of snow fall on the smaller properties. This is also the reason why the manufacturer offers this for a value that is considerably lower than the average as compared to the sized machines.

This model has a general footprint of only 43 x 17 x 35 inches with a weight of just 26 pounds. It only means that you will never have a hard time in looking for sufficient storage space in your tool shed or garage. Together with its 6 inch radial wheels, the light weight machine is also a guarantee that users will find it extremely maneuverable, despite of their strength level or age.

It is very lightweight and compact. Its compact footprint also ensures that you will find it easier to look for adequate storage space for it inside your tool shed or garage. Due to its ultralight weight, almost anyone will find it very easy to maneuver around and use in the driveway.

The Bottom Line: It comes in a competitive price. Despite all the amazing features of Greenworks 26022, one thing that you will love the most about it is that this is less expensive compared to the electric snow blowers that belong to the same size class.

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