Powerworks 51102

There are a few things that set the Powerworks 51102 above most other similar models including the induction motor and built-in hose reel. It also has metal connectors instead of plastic ones that other models have and users complain about them. This is a sturdy unit that is well made for lasting cleaning power. It's built low to the ground for stability. It won't tip over, as other models are known to do.

Powerworks 51102

The Pros: The instructions are easy to understand and setting up the machine for the first time is an easy task. The various nozzles are color-coded which makes it easy to choose the proper one for each washing job. The various pieces are sturdy and look to be well made. It may not be quite as powerful as some electric pressure washers but then it won't take off painted surfaces or cause damage to wood or brick.

The wind up hose is very convenient and the turbo nozzle works great. This is a very stable and solid unit that is a fine quality piece of machinery. The solid metal fitting do not leak like the plastic ones that other pressure washers have and cause so much trouble. The pump cycles on and off on command and works well.

The Cons: It can be difficult to unwind the washer hose.

The Bottom Line: The Powerworks 51102 is perfect for light to medium duty jobs around the home. This unit power-clean vehicle, patio furniture, deck, eaves and concrete and brick structures. It is also good for cleaning wood fences. The thing that sets this unit apart from others is the metal fittings that do not leak. The unit is made for durability and powerful performance. The instruction manual is easy to understand and when followed the pressure washer is easy to use.

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