Generac 6024/5991

The Generac 6024/5991 is very powerful, has a 212cc OHV engine and a 30-foot hose so you can easily reach high places. This unit has a 2-year warranty for consumer peace of mind. With this unit you can easily power wash your driveway, deck and patio furniture. This is a well-balanced unit that is very stable when in use. The assembly is really easy as it is just a matter of snapping the top handle to the bottom handle and then putting in oil and gas. It starts on the first pull.

Generac 6024/5991

The Pros: The design of the unit makes it easy to connect the water supply and the pressure hose to the unit. It starts up effortlessly the first time and runs flawlessly. This is a solidly built product and also does a great job cleaning the medal sides of a building, concrete sidewalks and driveways and can be trusted to clean vehicles without damaging them as long as you use the white nozzle.

The gas tank and cap is metal, which make it durable and it can contain 3 quarts of gasoline. The unit has an electric “kill” switch and a choke and also a fuel shut off valve, all which makes the unit safe to operate. The power washer comes with 5 nozzle tips suitable for multiple surfaces. The manual tells which nozzle to use for which type of washing job.

The Cons: The hose seems rather flimsy, which the company is quick to replace.

The Bottom Line: The Generac 6024/5991 is recommended based on its quality construction and its power. The unit is well balanced and easy to use. Generac makes products that are durable which is important and the name’s reputation helps consumers to make a decision based on history of quality and productivity.

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