AR Blue Clean AR383

The AR Blue Clean AR383 is a very versatile machine because of the varied attachments that allows users to tackle a variety of jobs in and out of the home. This unit is easy to move because it is lightweight, only 28 pounds, especially compared to other models.

AR Blue Clean AR383

The Pros: The spray tip has a wide angle want which gives an adjustable spray. This is a powerful unit capable of cleaning lots of surfaces including grills, driveways and sidewalks and decks. Lightweight unit so it is easy to move around from chore to chore. The wand is easy to use. Good to see that the electric plus is protected with a GFI (ground fault interrupter) for safety reasons because we all know electricity and water do not mix well.

The Cons: The hose going from the machine to the spray gun can become tangled easily especially as you are moving around.

The Bottom Line: The AR Blue Clean AR383 is highly recommended because it performs well while cleaning windows, decks, outdoor furniture, wooden fences, exterior walls and driveways and sidewalks. The wand is easy to use and the unit is lightweight, which makes getting around with it easy to do. Using this machine instead of contracting with someone else to do it will save money.

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