AR Blue Clean AR240

The AR Blue Clean AR240 is a good-looking machine especially if you favor the color blue. It is designed to deliver high performance and is manufactured by a company that is well known for producing high quality and safe electric pressure washers. It handles residential cleaning jobs effectively and is well built to withstand the rigors of cleaning all sorts of cleaning jobs around the home including cleaning patio tile, house siding, vehicles, metal awnings, decks, driveways and can even wash the BBQ grill.

AR Blue Clean AR240

The Pros: The AR240 is surprisingly small unit that delivers the power necessary to clean all the normal items around the house. It is lightweight and very easy to maneuver around while cleaning. The unit is very stable and does not easily tip like other models probably because it is not top-heavy. This unit is very compact and easy to move around which is a must when using a washer.

It comes with two nozzles one is turbo and the other is adjustable. The power cord is plenty long enough for most jobs. The unit is relatively quiet while in operation as compared to other noisier models. This is a very powerful machine that cleans very well.

The Cons: Many users have commented about how difficult it is to understand the assembly instructions including the fact that the instructions mention that there are suppose to be markings that guide you to position the unit correctly while you are assembling it but there are no markings that are visible. Although there are slots in the holder that are suppose to hold the tools that come with the washer it is not obvious which tool goes where and so that is confusing.

The Bottom Line: The AR Blue Clean AR240 is recommended to anyone looking for a powerful electric washer that is lightweight and easy to use. Although the instructions are poor (which is the biggest thing wrong with this unit) putting it together is not that difficult if you just use common sense.

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