AR Blue Clean AR118

The AR Blue Clean AR118 is small, lightweight so it can easily be carried from area to area and is perfect for the average residential cleaning job. Unlike other pressure washers this machine is very portable. It is used for cleaning vinyl siding, concrete sidewalks and driveways, cleaning decks and can even do a decent job washing vehicles. The adjustable spray nozzle can go from a light mist to a hard cutting water stream easily.

AR Blue Clean AR118

The Pros: This is a light-duty unit but it is more powerful than just using a garden hose so it does do a powerful job cleaning things like vehicles, decks and vinyl siding. This is a compact little unit that is very well built. It has a long electrical cord, which is a plus over other units. The pressure is enough to be able to wash things around the house and to wash vehicles.

The unit is very easy to assemble for the first time. There is no leaking, as other units tend to do. Once the job is complete this unit is very easy to put away. And all the attachments for it are also easy to use.

The Cons: This unit does not come with an angled wand, which is typically used for washing vehicles.

The Bottom Line: The AR Blue Clean AR118 is highly recommended because it is a durable, well-made cleaning machine. It does a good job washing the exterior of your home, vehicles, boats, fences and concrete driveways and sidewalks. It really works well when it comes to cleaning windows. The machine runs quietly which if you have ever used a noisy gas pressure washer you will really appreciate.

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