Greenworks 25022

It is becoming increasingly more important to use “green” products in order to preserve our earth and Greenworks products have ZERO carbon footprint so they do not release so much as an ounce of carbon emission into the air. Those looking for lawn tools are also seeking quality and reliability. The Greenworks 25022 is a 3-in-1 mower which comes with mulch plug, side discharge and rear bag. It also does not require tune-ups or maintenance so you save time and money.

Greenworks 25022

The Pros: Unlike other models the deck is metal not plastic. It has a smaller shroud over the blade the user can get really close to object and in most cases the need for going back and using a weed whacker to clean up around objects. It takes fewer passes to mow the lawn because this mower is 20” instead of the typical 18” so it takes less time to mow the same lawn compared to when you mowed with a smaller unit.

Large rear tires increase ease of maneuverability. Users will like the option to side-discharge or mulch/bag. The 25022 makes it easy to adjust the mower for height and the handle folds easily. Bag installs easily and is easy to empty. This unit is also much quieter than gas mowers.

The Cons: The cord holder slides from side to side which is not as convenient as a flip over handle.

The Bottom Line: The Greenworks 25022 is highly recommended to homeowners that cut their own grass and care about the air quality. It is easier to use and quieter than gas mowers, gives a closer cut around flower beds and other objects, doesn’t pollute the air and is lightweight and stores well. This electric corded lawn mower is powerful and has a bag mechanism that works great.

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