Fiskars Momentum

Fiskars Momentum is an advanced reel mower comes with 18-inch deck size and 5 thick blades to increase the mowing force. It was ergonomic designed for comfort in use such as adjustable handle, padded grip etc,. It has long warranty up to 4 years.

Fiskars Momentum

Fiskars Momentum is a modern reel lawn mower designed to maximize comfort during use. Although it looks strange than typical reel mower, but it works very well. Its blades are sharp and strong enough to cut through a small twig and thick grass, and also long-lasting performance without sharpening for a year.

Both front and rear wheels placed on the inner edge of the blades. That make the grass under the wheels is ripped off and the edge of the grass not being cut less than other reel mower. The ergonomic design allows me to cut the grass longer and more enjoyable.

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