SPT WA-1211S

This air condition has many positive benefits for the home owner including that it has low, medium, high and auto (alters fanís intensity on demand) fan settings, a digital temperature display and a vent that is adjustable so you can direct the air where you need it most. One of the best features is the timer, which means you can set the SPT WA-1211S to shut off in a certain amount of time (half-hour increments up to 24 hours). These benefits and feature make this unit desirable among homeowners looking for a quality air conditioner.

SPT WA-1211S

The Pros: The modes are a nice feature and there are several of them to choose from in this window AC. The fan mode works just like a fan bringing in air from outside. The auto mode allows the unit to start cooling the air if it reaches 4 degrees above the desired temperature setting and switches to fan mode when the temperature drops 2 degrees below the desired temperature.

The auto mode keeps your unit from turning on and off constantly saving energy. The cool mode is very similar to auto mode except that you only have a two-degree range. The dry mode allows the unit to act as a dehumidifier removing moisture from the room, which saves electricity.

The energy saver mode also saves electricity because the fan runs every couple of minutes until the room temperature gets above the set temperature and then the unit switches back to the cool mode. The booklet that comes with the unit explains the modes pretty well.

The Cons: This unit is heavier than many models in the market but it's not serious problem because after install it, you do not have to raise it again.

The Bottom Line: This SPT WA-1211S is really a fantastic value and the different modes are great and saves money and energy use. This is a relatively quiet AC compared to similar models of other brand name window air conditioners. The remote, timer functions and dehumidifier mode are all great benefits of this model and make it a recommended unit for all home owners.

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