Frigidaire FRA106CV1

The two main factors most users look for when making a decision about an air conditioner are does it cool down quickly and is it quiet enough to sleep, work or listen to music? Price is important too but why pay for something that is noisy or doesn't work? The Frigidaire FRA106CV1 cools down the room quickly and is quiet enough to allow a person to actually sleep while it is running. The installation went smoothly and relatively quickly.

Frigidaire FRA106CV1

The Pros: The unit works effectively without costing you to have a huge electric bill thanks to the energy saver mode. The ability of the temperature to be detected and the remote to turn the model off and on based on the target temperature and controlling the fan and compressor based on the temperature makes it seem as if it was very much like a central air system but in a smaller compact unit. Thin window air conditioner is very neat to see the temperature readout, as some other brands don't do this.

The Cons: There are quite a few complaints about the damage during shipping because of flimsy packaging.

The Bottom Line: The Frigidaire FRA106CV1 is highly recommended based on superior performance and energy efficiency. It is a compact unit that works well and has features that users appreciate. It installs quickly and is relatively quiet when in use. The 10,000 BTU means that it has the power to cool down most rooms and if you have a small one level house and some good ceiling fans you may even be able to cool your whole house.

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