Frigidaire FRA052XT7

This is the perfect air conditioner for a small room (up to 150 square feet). It can cool smaller rooms on hot days and is quiet while operating so it can be run at night without waking anyone sleeping in the room. The Frigidaire FRA052XT7 has an antimicrobial mesh filter that cleans the air and removes harmful bacterial. This unit can save you money because it has a low voltage start-up. It has easy to use rotary controls with 3 options to cool down the room (Cool mode, high cool and low cool).

Frigidaire FRA052XT7

The Pros: The installation is very easy to do when following the instructions in the manual. It is relatively quiet and is an excellent value for the money spent. The size of the unit is perfect for small windows. When running on the max temperature of 7 it can really freeze the air so it is perfect for really hot days.

Energy efficient model as there is no significant increase in electric bill even with the unit running most of the time during the hottest days of summer. The small size makes it easy to store during colder months of the year. Cools off a room very quickly which is a big plus.

The Cons: Don't notice much difference between the low and high settings seems just about the same. The directional airflow vents are poorly designed and really pretty worthless.

The Bottom Line: This unit is perfect for smaller windows. It cools off a bedroom or office well and is easy to install and use. It works well cooling down a room quickly. It is highly recommended because of price and how effectively it cools small rooms. It is especially useful for individuals who have had trouble finding units to fit because of small window size.

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