SeaLife Reefmaster SL332

The SeaLife Reefmaster SL332 is specifically made for divers interested in taking quality pictures and video while diving among reefs and other underwater scuba diving adventures. There are modes for land, snorkel and scuba picture taking and it's easy to use even with gloves. This underwater camera which does not leak no matter if you are going on shallow underwater expeditions or dives of up to 200 feet. The simplicity of use is of point-and-shoot capability.

SeaLife Reefmaster SL332

The Pros: The picture quality is outstanding and the video really turns out amazing getting lots of compliments from friends and family. Battery life is pretty decent as it can last for up to 8 dives, which is plenty for most divers. The Reefmaster is very simple to use and great for recreational divers, and family beach vacations.

It's very sturdily built which is important for underwater picture-taking adventures. This is a real self-contained (no housing) underwater camera that sports new color enhancing firmware so divers can capture both photos and video easily while wearing gloves. It handles well underwater thanks to the bold-red rubber grip and widespread controls.

The Cons: This camera has a digital zoom but not an optical zoom, which for some individuals this may be a disappointment and for others the digital zoom will be sufficient.

The Bottom Line: The SeaLife Reefmaster SL332 is recommended for anyone looking to take quality pictures and videos when shallow diving or diving up to 200-feet/60m depths. It has an external Mini Wide Angle Lens and color enhancing firmware that makes it invaluable when it comes to taking perfect underwater pictures. It has the bold-red rubber grip and widespread controls that make it easy to handle even underwater and the onscreen Easy Setup Guide allows users to get it setup right the first time so they won’t miss any important shots. This camera is highly recommended for beginners and for family diving or beach vacations.

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