Olympus TG-2 iHS

Individuals looking for a point-and-shoot camera will want to explore the many features and benefits of the sophisticated yet rugged Olympus TG-2 iHS because it's waterproof, crushproof, shockproof, freezeproof and has a dustproof design that allows users to capture great image quality no matter where they have to go to snag the picture even in low light taking high-speed shots is possible.

Olympus TG-2 iHS

The Pros: The TG-2 iHS is a very responsive camera that has a fast lens and is built to withstand the rigors of use. The picture quality is excellent which is of utmost importance to any photographer and has a better than average lower light photo capability than most other point and shoot cameras. It's easy to use thanks to the nicely done menu/screens layout.

The Cons: Despite the improvement in the video noise over the TG-1 there are still issues such as a buzzing sound in the background as you record videos and an increased level of noise as the camera tries to autofocus.

The Bottom Line: The Olympus TG-2 iHS is the perfect companion for the adventurer type person, outdoorsman or for someone who habitually drops or otherwise fears destruction while trying to capture the perfect shot due to its rugged design. Anyone in need of a digital camera for outdoor adventures, to take quality low-light photography or is into creative composition this is the model recommendation for them. The features especially the GPS and manometer are additional reasons to choose this camera over other point-and-shoot models.

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