Coleman Xtreme C5WP

The Coleman Xtreme C5WP is the budget waterproof camera for taking outdoor pictures, especially action shots. Users can create poster-sized images and still retain detail with 12MP sensor. Anyone looking to create movies at a high 30fps frame rate will enjoy the one touch mode button to be able to do this effortlessly. Not only is the C5WP waterproof it's also freezeproof and dustproof too.

Coleman Xtreme C5WP

The Pros: The body is pretty sturdy and makes a good camera for kids because even when dropped numerous times it still keeps working. As long as you can stand still the camera takes decent photos and videos. Once the camera has the right settings the pictures it takes are quite good. And also does a great job of panning and zooming.

The Cons: Can be difficult to find the right settings. Many have complained of it fogging up when using underwater. Not a very user-friendly camera and it takes some getting used to if you are used to having a higher-priced easy to use point-and-shoot camera.

The Bottom Line: The Coleman Xtreme C5WP is recommended for use as a vacation camera or one for the kids. It's an inexpensive camera that takes decent quality pictures and videos underwater or above. This is not a good camera for action shots or if you are looking for professional type pictures.

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