Philips CSS2123/F7

Philips CSS2123/F7 was launched Feb 2012 and in just a few months, it has garnered some very positive press. A host of features, Double Bass technology and a simple and elegant design is what makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a near home theater experience. It ensures that the bass is deep, the midrange is great and the highs are amazing.

Philips CSS2123/F7

What greets us as we see the CSS2123/F7 sound bar is a sleek low rise design that fits perfectly in front of the TV. The compact size ensures that it does not clutter the room. Installation is extremely easy, just connect it to a power source and to your TV and you are set to go. What sets this speaker apart from its competitors in the same price range is the sound. It has a rich and powerful sound.

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